The Australian and Chinese Cultures: A Comparative Analysis

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Australia boasts one of the world's most multicultural societies. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint what being "Australian" really is, or to define Australian culture. The best way to approach an analysis of Australian culture may be to compare it with another culture. Chinese culture is equally as complex and diverse as Australian culture, as both countries have a large variety of ethnic groups within their borders. However, in terms of the many aspects of culture such as meaning, language, human activity, lifestyle, works of art, and leisure activities, Australian and Chinese cultures differ from one another. Some of the aspects of culture that differ the most between Australian and Chinese societies include gender, lifestyle, and language. Gender issues are central to any culture, because gender is a fundamental means of understanding social reality. Both Australian and Chinese cultures are patriarchal in nature. Last names are carried through the male, not the female. Stereotypes about gender abound in both Australian and Chinese societies. In both Chinese and Australian cultures, it is more likely for a man to be in a position of economic or political power than a woman. Women are more likely to tend to domestic labor. However, Australian culture is more gender egalitarian than Chinese culture. The one-child policy in China has made it so that many families will abort female children in order to have a male child. This would not be considered an ethical
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