The Author 's Issues And Concerns Of The Old Testament

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The author’s issues and concerns of the Old Testament
The book assigned for my evaluation is John Goldingay’s Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Gospel. There are several kinds of concerns that John Golidngay addresses, in relation to the Old Testament, in the introduction of this book. The first statement that stood out to me was, “The expression ‘Old Testament theology’ suffers from a number of disadvantages and ambiguities, but I have retained it in the title for this book because of its value connotations with regard to my subject (though for some people these are negative value connotations).” (15) In this statement the author speaks about the term Old Testament, which often bringing forth various preconceived notions that individuals bring as they read it. Similar to the issue we discovered in Old Testament Theology class, we all came in to the class with our ideas of what represented the Old Testament. Bringing preconceived notions of reading often limits the reader, if the reader is not open to learning additional information about the text. The author states, “I do not care for the phrase ‘Old Testament,’ which we inherit from some time in the patristic period, because it rather suggests something antiquated and inferior left behind by a dead person.” (15) What the author states shows that he wants the readers to be open minded and expand their thinking of the Old Testament to more than a time period or something that is no longer relevant. The author also…
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