The Authoritative Orientation Of Management

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The authoritative orientation of management focuses on control exercised by the teacher. In the authoritative orientation, the teacher demonstrates a lack of personal connection to the students in an atmosphere that can feel fearful and punitive. The classroom environment of an instructor who subscribes to the authoritative orientation is an environment where rules are absolutely enforced, and where the instructor frequently lectures. The authoritative teacher has little interest in student involvement, but does however, insist upon establishing and maintaining high behavioral expectations and classroom rigor. Authoritative teachers are found especially suitable by administrators for “trouble-making” classes as they are efficient in maintaining order. While the authoritative teacher may seem “scary” or undesirable, they are also frequently identified as friendly with established and firm boundaries. Authoritative teachers praise and motivate their students, promote respect in the classroom, engage heavily in cooperative learning and interactive discovery in the classroom.
The behaviorist orientation of management focuses on observable and measurable aspects of behavior. In this orientation, the theory purports that changes in behavior result from a stimulus. The stimulus- response correlation is key to changing behavior. Further the theory states that all behavior is learned, and from this knowledge we can understand how habits are formed as well as what efforts can be
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