The Authoritative Parenting And The Style Of The Parenting Style

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The parenting style that my parents use is definitely authoritative. My parents have shown authority towards me and my siblings but have always been flexible with their rules. My parents have never stressed us out by being too strict with their rules. The first question I asked my parents was, “how would you react if one of my siblings or I asked to come home later than you originally told us to come home?” My parents responded that they would ask why we want to come home later and then tell them they can come home later at a certain time but no later than the extended time. This fits exactly with the authoritative parenting style because my parents would extend the time which is being flexible and then also they would enforce a new time for us to come home which shows authority. Next I asked my parents, “what would you do if one of my siblings or I got in trouble at school?” My parents said they would have a talk with whoever got in trouble and make sure they know not to ever do it again. Also, my parents said they would discipline whoever got in trouble by doing more chores or taking away their phone for a day. This fits with the authoritative parenting style as well because my parents are making us understand what we did wrong and learn from it. They would also give a consequence because of it but nothing that is too harsh because they trust us to learn from what we did. After that, I asked my parents, “what would your reaction be if I did not do my chores at the house?”
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