The Authoritative Sources Of Economics

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The Authoritative Sources of Economics: Scholarly Journals, Economics Studies Publications, Research Institutions, and Online Databases Word Count: 1377 Introduction to the Authoritative Sources of Economics In the field of Economics, valuable theories and analysis are based on previous economics research and studies. Peer reviewed scholarly journals, economics studies publications, economics research institutions, and online economics databases are the leading sources in the field of economics. Experts and researchers in the field of economics focus on the study of cause and effect of economy by investigating reliable sources such as politics, culture, world ideology etc. Research and writing sources in Economics can be distinct from other discipline because large authoritative information is interpreted by figures, statistics and graphics. Researchers in the field of economics focus on how variables affect economy as a whole and they predict responses to future changes in market conditions or policy. Peer reviewed scholarly journals Scholarly journals in academic study are published by academic institution such as universities, colleges or research organizations etc. Peer reviewed scholarly journals have less bias than other type of sources because research writings need to meet certain criteria before publishing. The scholarly journal is usually funded by the university or related authority to support the research in the specific field. For instance,
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