The Authors Of This Research Article Acknowledge That Doctors

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The authors of this research article acknowledge that doctors and health professionals are much more proactive in treating and preventing hearing loss in newborn babies (Crowe, Mcleod, Mckinnon, & Ching, 2014). As such, parents of children with a hearing loss are forced to make decisions that could have lasting implications on their child’s life. Often times, these decisions are based upon little or biased information. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate “…the impact of influences on the decision making regarding communication for caregivers of children with hearing loss with diverse characteristics” (Crowe et al., 2014, p. 234). Understanding the influences and reasoning behind these decisions is integral to providing…show more content…
This population yielded results from a sample of 177 caregivers and 157 children. Of this sample, about 83% were female and about 16% were male. In respect to the caregivers, nearly half had a college degree and most were from Australia. Additionally, about a quarter of these caregivers reported having another cultural background other than Australian. Such reported backgrounds included American, Australian, Filipino, Chinese, British, Japanese, Iraqi, Irish, Japanese, and Vietnamese. In respect to the child participants, 88 were boys and 69 were girls (Crowe et al., 2014). These participants ranged in age from three to 9 years old and had a hearing loss that ranged from mild to profound. One important characteristic of this sample was that about a quarter of them had a concomitant disability. The researchers who participated in this study developed a questionnaire that would help them answer the aforementioned research questions. Caregivers rated the importance of items “…describing potential child, family, community, and advice influences on decision making that related to use of speech, use of sign, spoken language multilingualism, and use of English rather than another spoken language (Crowe et al., 2014, p. 238). The results from this study provided an interesting perspective on the decisions parents make and on what potentially influences these
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