The Author's Scapegoat For The Failure Of Engineers

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This chapter starts off with an interlude of a man who discusses the fault of engineers. He list the tragedies engineer have caused through what he believes is poor workmanship and skills. The man lampoons engineers especially about the incident in the Kansas where a huge quantity of people were killed. He shows little to no sympathy for engineers despite the innovation they have introduced in the world. The author then turns this man disproval into an idiosyncratic idea by displaying the wonders and challenges an engineers a face. That while they do create fantastical inventions they are still human and therefore are bound to error. Throughout this chapter the author is on the defense. He surmises potential reasons for an engineer’s design…show more content…
He says that it is quite possible for engineer to create extremely safe buildings with slim chances of being destroyed, however, they do not have the resources available to do such things. I thought this to be remarkably sound statement-that while engineers could have made building to withstand dangers easily they can’t just because it isn’t rational. Instead they must look into other areas to improve the structure. Instead of buying a large quantity of expensive material that will create a more structural product , they have to look outside of the box and use a material that is cheaper and isn’t sturdy but still create a safe structure. Efficiency of a project is what really forces the engineer to become…show more content…
Many people value art as a useless talent, that despite creating beauty it doesn’t help anything. Engineering proves this wrong. We as humans not only want a functionality but we want aesthetics. And it is the engineer’s niche to provide both. While they rely mostly on science to create the basis of the project they bring in art to make it beautiful. I think this quote is what really changed my perspective of engineering. Rather than being a systematic job of building, I now think this is a discipline of creating masterpieces. Also, since I have an affinity for art I believe I now have a greater potential to become an engineer. All in all, I believed that author has bravely and successful proved the critics wrong about engineers and I agree fully with his
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