The Authorship Of John The Baptist

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Debate about the Authorship of John the Baptist

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Abstract 3

Introduction 4

How is the Gospel of John differing from the Synoptic Gospel? 5
a. The Debate. 5
b. Length of Jesus Ministry 6
c. Jerusalem 6
d. The Last Supper and the Crucifixion 7

Who Wrote the Gospel of John? 7

Conclusion 9

Reference 10

Introduction Following the ministry of Jesus here on earth, the several accounts were recorded in the first four books of the bible. The gospel, as they were referred to have similarities in all aspects and they tend to contain similar stories of Christ’s mission compared to one another. In spite of that, it is only the first three books of the gospel that actually follows a certain order and appears similar; that is Mathew, Mark and Luke. Interestingly, the fourth book of the gospel gives the accounts of the gospel of Christ on a different manner. It is more of the spiritual effect of Christ’s mission on earth as opposed to the normal narration of the events .
There is a record of the fourth gospel of called John in the Christian bible and is among the conical gospels in the bible. People also call the book the Fourth Gospel because it is the last recorded gospel book. The book gives an eye-witness experience to the miracles of Jesus during his lifetime, in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus (Michaels 2010). It paints a clearer picture that is not offered in the other
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