The Authorship and Date of the Book of Acts

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The Authorship and Date of the Book of Acts The book of Acts is a historical narrative of the early history of the Church. As such, the authorship and date can be established by evidence found in the book itself. In addition, outside sources such as other books of the Bible as well as history recorded by other historians of the time supplement the evidence give by the letter itself. According to 2 Timothy 3:16 the original author of the book of Acts is God, however, God did not pen the book himself. A man penned the book as the Spirit of God instructed him. Luke, as the human author, has strong support as the author of Acts given his previous letter he penned to Theophilus about Jesus' ministry. The wording in the first chapter of the book of Luke is interesting because not only does Luke address the same man as in the book of Acts, but he also gives a lengthy explanation as to why he is writing the letter. In that letter, Luke wants to compile a narrative about the things accomplished by "us" (Luke 1:1). In verse two of his book, he makes a clear distinction between the disciples who witnessed Jesus' ministry and "us". Then in verse three Luke takes a step back and tells Theophilus that since he had followed the testimony of Jesus' ministry closely, he wished to begin there rather than with his narrative on the things he and the Christians with him had accomplished. So then, where is the fulfillment of what Luke said in Luke 1:1 to Theophilus? The answer would have to

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