The Autobiography Of Solomon Northrup

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The autobiography of Solomon Northrup which has now also become the film Twelve Years a Slave (2013) directed by Steve McQueen. This autobiography is the story of how Solomon, a free man of Saratoga was kidnapped into slavery in Washington D.C., where he remained for twelve years. In his story, he provides amazing amounts of information about the slave circuit and what it means to live a life of slavery. Solomon was one of few that was able to read and to write, another reason why this autobiography is so important. It was written by a man who suffered slavery first hand. This memoir was a best seller released in 1853. After which it somewhat became forgotten until around 1960 when it was found by Louisianan historians and was published by LSU press in 1968.
I do not believe that Solomon’s intentions for writing this memoir was to persuade a person into changing their beliefs about anything. Truly the author’s purpose was simple to educate the people about his circumstances and, it is possible that writing down his experiences and sharing it with others was a way for him to cope with what had happened to him. Although overall, Solomon really just wanted to give people more information about slavery so they could properly decide on their own what they believed.
Like most autobiographical narratives, Twelve Years a Slave was written in a chronological order to Solomon’s life. This helped to make the book easy to understand and easy to follow. Solomon did a great job

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