The Autobiography of Malcom X as Told to Alex Haley Essay

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Statement of Purpose

Alex Haley is the author of the book. The central theme of the book is to reflect the perspective of a black man in an era that called for equality struggles between races in the United States while battling views on racism and his rise and fall within the Nation of Islam religion.
The author’s purpose for writing the book was for the reader to gain knowledge of Malcolm X as an individual and not as a phenomenon. He wanted to deliver truths that spanned his brief lifetime.
Alex Haley’s qualifications to write the book were simply that he was a black man in America during the same time span as Malcolm X and his earlier work had focused on the struggles of African Americans in the United States in particular. Haley
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He becomes immersed in the night life and consumed with everything it has to offer. Just shy of being twenty-one he was sent to prison for 10 years. At this pivotal point in his life, he converts to the Black Muslim religion. The other crucial life altering event took place in 1963 when evidence was uncovered regarding the Honorable Elijah Mohammad’s human frailties and lack of moral character. This revelation prompted a holy journey that yet again changed Malcolm’s thought process that was evident at the end of his life.

This autobiography of Malcolm X was spellbinding. The fascinating persona of this man was phenomenal. As he describes his education in one part of the book, “Gentlemen, I finished the eighth grade in Mason, Michigan. My high school was the black ghetto of Roxbury,
Massachusetts. My college was in the streets of Harlem, and my master's was taken in prison” is just amazing. This book did not contain any illustrations, pictures, or tables. The author was extremely descriptive in telling the story. His writing style made the reader to become a part of the story telling experience. I could visualize the experiences and places that were included in the book. For example, when he told about the conking of his hair, how it felt when his scalp was burning, although it was a painful experience, it was humorous to me as a reader. I could imagine the lindy-hopping dances he talked about. How he would whirl them around,
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