The Autocratic Management Style As A Non Effective Style

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The Autocratic Management style is not hard to distinguish in the workplace. Opinions are kept to themselves concerning the firm’s approach to cases, and all employees know what they are expected to do and not do. In this management style only one attorney is in charge and he or she resolves all issues. This type of management style can be thought of as more of a dictatorship. They can be found in small-scale offices and there is only one attorney proprietor. The staff is never in doubt about their position in the firm. It is always understood what your duties are for the day and no unprofessionalism will be tolerated. Sometimes the messenger can suffer for being the bearer of bad news. This style is obviously a more popular with managers. Their thought process is, that this style is necessary in order to have complete control of the practice in order to keep the work production flowing.
The Democratic Management style is considered to be a non-effective style. According to Everett-Nollkamper, there are two types of democratic management styles, they are: “(1) all attorneys have management responsibility, or (2) only owners have management responsibility. The democratic management style is one of the more popular forms of management in most large corporations in today’s business market” (Everett-Nollkamper, 2014). This type of management style is ideal because it allows employees to be free. They are able to express themselves and their ideas with managers and other…
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