The Automated Vehicle Control System

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The Automated Vehicle control system is the advanced technology that enhanced the comfort and safety of the people in the day to day lives. The self-driving cars or steering less cars has made the people access easy way of transportation without any kind of stress and strain. They can sense the surroundings and can operate or move without the help of humans. They can navigate effectively by using different techniques like radars, sensors, GPS etc. They can also update the maps and also they can keep track of the current position. These cars are started manufacturing in late 1920s and 1930s, since 1980s the Mercedes has manufactured a self-driving car with more advance features using eureka project. INTRODUCTION Advancement in automated control systems has given humans with more comforts and safety and we use artificial intelligent instruments as a part of our day to day lives. Automated Vehicle control system is being preferred in present day which is an advanced technology. Due to the design of Automated Vehicle Control System, it improves decision by cooperating with the network controller and also improved the total controlling system of vehicles. The Elementary robotics, digital imaging, image processing and artificial intelligence are the main parts that are used in automated vehicle control system. The main parts which are included are listed below 1) Steering control circuits 2) Speed control circuits 3) Collision detection systems
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