The Automaton/Statue/Machine Women

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Interesting enough, most well-known stories about the creation of life has the male figure as the creator. For example, in Hebrew, ‘man’ means the breath of God or the spirit, which emphasises man fascination with power, therefore, elevating its inner belief of leadership, which is primarily based on the understanding that man is what God created first. Consequently, the direct reflection of what is sacred. A great amount of stories and movies has discussed the implication of having utopian and dystopian societies and most times, man as the leader, which generates criticism regarding that these societies are patriarchally dominated. The stories that entail man creating automaton/statue/machine women, has it main focus man vision of a perfect woman, however, at the end, most of them grows to become something threatening and the creator only result is to destroy it. Once more, one could assume that this also has a direct influence which has been absorbed by ancient understanding of creation.
According to Christianity, woman was created second and it was her that brought up sin to man as she could not resist temptation. Such negative ideas can be found in stories such as ‘Adam and Eve and Pandora’ which has a woman as a perpetrator of sinfulness. However, one must not forget that these stories were written by man,…
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