The Automotive Industry and The SRS System

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Have you ever taken a step back and thought to yourself, how rapidly the way it brings safety to its drivers and passengers has advanced through out the years? The SRS system has become a trend and one of the biggest factors of the automotive industry since it has become a mandatory requirement on vehicles. Air bags for passenger cars were introduced in the United States in the mid-1970s, when seat belt usage was still common. When the idea was first introduced to general motor companies, the idea was fascinating but still had some flaws. GM wanted to introduce the idea to drivers and passengers but wanted to make sure all previous fatalities were resolved which one of the fulfillments general motors wanted to offer. Airbags are used through the help of impact sensors that sense impact, which then through the release of compressed air, trigger the nylon fabric air bag to deploy. The laws of physics and motion play a heavy role in the way the air bag is used. First of all the idea of creating the air bag was of course made when an event took place and wrong which lead to the creation of this new revolutionized concept that would be forever used and remembered in history. The first form of the air bag was created by John W. Hetrick. Hetrick based his ideas on an event he had observed while in the Navy to the design of the air bag. He was repairing a torpedo which had a canvas covering. When the compressed air that was in the torpedo was released, it quickly inflated the
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