The Availability Of Legal Aid

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Justice is at the heart of a democratic society. It means laws should apply equally to all, and that everyone should have the right to a fair trial. It is part of our rights as human beings and we ought to be able to bring our dispute before an independent judge for them to be settled. This essay seeks to look at the availability of legal aid in the 21st century and if it is still “open to all, like the ritz hotel” like suggested by Sir James Mathew. “What does "access to justice" mean, if not a fully FUNDED legal aid system? Is it a noble aspiration that should lift our hearts, or is it a load of meaningless tosh peddled by politicians and lawyers to suit their own self-serving ends?” . Before we can begin to look at Legal aid and its excerpts, we must explore Access to Justice and what it means in relation to the subject matter. Access to justice means knowing and being able to enforce your rights and duties, having access to courts and tribunals. Access to justice is not the same principle with legal aid, rather access to justice is the principle of being "treated fairly according to the law and if you are not treated fairly being able to get appropriate redress". "That doesn 't just mean access to lawyers and courts. It means access to ombudsmen, advice agencies and the police law. It means public authorities behaving properly. It means everyone having some basic understanding of their rights. It means making law less complex and more intelligible" . Why should we
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