The Avengers Film Analysis

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Joss Whedon’s (2012) film, The Avengers, sets a new standard for cinematic quality, the film features many iconic locations and contains some of the best visuals ever seen on screen to date. Joss Whedon is known by many to create spectacular action packed films, born in the heart of New york City on June 23rd, 1964 Whedon’s inspiration to become a movie director / writer came from his father Tom Whedon, and his grandfather John Whedon who both happen to be very successful television and screenwriters along with a few other famous icons known as Ray Bradbury, William Shakespeare, and Steven Spielberg. Joss attended Winchester College in England for two years before finally earning his film degree from Wesleyan University. Whedon’s first writing job started off with the famous tv sitcom Roseanne, although several of Whedon’s other works included NBC’s Parenthood, Buffy the vampire, and he even revised multiple scripts of the X-Men Trilogy. The Avengers is Inspired by the 60’s classic films Black Hawk Down and The Dirty Dozen.
Joss Whedon’s The Avengers is known for it’s unparalleled visuals and creating unbelievable scenes that seem so realistic, but most of these scenes are actually achieved through the use of special effects and CGI. The film takes place in the iconic city known as New York City and an evil Demigod by the name of Loki (Thor’s adoptive brother) has arrived in his attempt to claim the Tesseract (a Relic with Unlimited power) and to rule the whole entire human
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