The Average Age Of Mothers

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The designed database is used to record the births of all premature babies in a Hospital. Created database consists of four tables which are also referred as the dimensions of the database, and these tables are Patient, Duration, Doctor and Baby. Each dimension will consist of at least 5 attributes. With the use of this database Doctors are able to keep track of individual babies’ records and analyse different patterns such as how long a premature baby does needs medical attention and in average how many babies are admitted to this ward annually.

• To list the average time scale baby would be in the hospital
• To list the average gender of babies recovers quickly
• To list the average age of mothers who tends to give birth prematurely
• To count how many babies has survived

Fact tables

Patient Duration Doctor Baby
Patient ID Room ID Doctor ID Baby ID
Name Admitted date Name Name
Surname Admitted time Surname Surname
DOB Discharged date Room No DOB
Age Discharged time Tel No Gender
Admission date Specialises Discharged date
Address Survived
Post code
Tel No

Star schema Database Tables
Patient Table

Doctors Table

Baby Table

Duration Table

Relationship link with the fact table

This is the representation of the relationship links I made on my database, using the Fact table I was able to link all other four tables together using their primary keys. With the use of the fact…
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