The Average Man Has Committed No Crime

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Argumentative Research Paper Rough Draft
The average man has committed no crime. The majority of the populous of all sovereign nations everywhere are innocent, hardworking people. The Government of the United States has failed to recognize this fundamental aspect of the human condition. With targeted, poignant, and deliberate attempts to control the masses, the U.S. Government has made substantial infringements of personal liberties founded during the nation’s conception. Currently, “…the FBI does not need to show ‘probable cause’ – or any reason – to believe that you have done anything wrong [in order to conduct domestic surveillance]” (ACLU, 2). This simple statement drives an entire industry – an industry to control, sell, distribute, and most importantly, store all of your information which will be later used against you. Of course, this data, which is really just evidence, can and will be used against you. Does that phrase sound familiar? Usually your Miranda Rights are read to you after committing a crime – not before. These rights are read to the accused to ensure their protection. The protection of your information online is not ensured; it is infringed upon by the government. Secret courts, complex and obscure acts, and a trigger happy ethos affect every aspect of one’s life everywhere – including Hawaii. Hawaii is where a thirty one year old computer geek, Edward Snowden, lived while working for the NSA as an infrastructure analyst. After discovering the dark…
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