The Aviation Airline Industry Is A Constant Changing Industry Competitive Advantage Through Strategy And Innovation

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In-flight Services:
Alexander M. DelRio
Course: MGMT 520
Instructor: Russell Fail
Institution: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Date: 02/24/2017

The aviation airline industry is a constant changing industry thriving to gain competitive advantage through strategy and innovation. The main focus is for an airline industry to stand out and attract customers. The customers are the reason why companies such as Virgin, Jet Blue, AirTran, Delta and Hawaiian airlines are at the top of the food chain. Providing unique customer experience is one of the many ways that organizations exploit to gain competitive advantage. Customer experience while using organization products or services has been transformed into an art
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The diversity remains a major challenge for majority of airlines seeking to achieve best level customer experience and satisfaction. Different people have different reasons behind them using air transport. The various reasons may be categorised into three main groups (Atilgan, Akinci, & S. Aksoy, 2008). First category involves those travelling for pleasure and status. Travellers in this group always use air transport as way of achieving personal pleasures. The second group involves individuals who travel for business or work related activities. This group of travellers have unique preferences that airline organizations must meet so as to make them fully satisfied.
The last group of individuals are those seeking medical services and emergency service. This group of people have unique needs that must be met so as to make them have great experience that would yield best satisfaction. The strategies embraced must consider how the service is felt at individual level. Failure to ensure that the majority of travellers if not all travel preferences and needs are at most met, the organization risks losing customer to other airline organizations with better customer satisfaction strategies (Huang & Feng, 2009).
In-airline customer satisfaction strategies
Regardless of diversity or not every airline organizations must ensure that their aeroplanes are offers the best comfort
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