The Aviation And Transportation Security Act

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The Aviation and Transportation Security Act is charged with voluntary settlement agreement between the employers and the employees. Some of its duties and responsibilities include, back pay, cancellation, reinstatement, and settlement. Back pay refers to the money given to the employees for unjustified personnel action, and cancellation involves returning the employees to their original positions before the action occurred. Reinstatement is accomplished when the employee is returned to their original status as per the Act and settlement helps resolve an employment issue between the employees and the employer. From the case under study it is in line with the legal requirements that the TSA can file a legal petition for reinstatement (Cooper, 2012)., it is clear that the employer entered into this agreement knowingly and ready to abide by the rules and regulations only to deny doing as required by the law and refuse the reinstating of the employees The NLRB is guided by the National Labor Relations Act and has several responsibilities towards the employees. It is under the National Labor Relations Act that the employees who are not represented by a union get their rights protected. Some of the areas where they are assured of the protection are when employees wish to address their employer on pay, when the workers are discussing issues related to work beyond pay such as safety concerns, and when a worker speaks to the employer on behalf of other employees (Schwartz, 1983).
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