The Aviation Industry Has Made Great Advances Improved Improving Flight Safety

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The aviation industry has made great advances in improving flight safety. These successes have been obtained thanks to the improvements made in aircraft designs and systems, which consequently helped in decreasing pilot error. Although they are considered one of the great successes in the industry and safety of flight has improved significantly, however, seventy to eight percent of aircraft accidents are still caused by pilots’ error, which therefore makes it one of the most contributory factors to aircrafts’ accidents. Every airplane accident has profound consequences on many ends and is considered one of the most tragic events that can occur. Accidents deeply weigh on the minds of the family victims and they often also result in major attention from the media and the general public. When accidents occur, the pilots are the ones who are immediately thought to have caused the accident and are often held liable for it. In the history of aviation, several accidents were due to pilot error and the effects of regulations and legal implications as a result of them have been several and complicated (Dismukes, 2007). The National Transportation Security Board, or NTSB, the US government agency that is in charge of investigating and determining the causes of all accidents involving US civil aviation, is responsible to analyze everything that lead to an accident from examining the wreckage, the aircraft design, and the aircraft’s performance characteristics to evaluating

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