The Aviator's Wife Character Analysis

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Changes, for Better or for Worse Change is something everyone will experience many times in their lives. Changes can always be good, but they can also end horribly. Changes can affect huge amounts of a person’s life or hardly at all. In the novel, The Aviator’s Wife, every character is forced to deal with some type of change. When Anne and her sister, Elisabeth, met Charles they learned new things and began to progress into new people. Charles decision of wanting to be with Anne rather than Elisabeth revealed the characters personalities and also gave the reader a better idea of their lives. In the novel, The Aviator’s Wife, by Melanie Benjamin, Anne and her sister are very different characters who both change dramatically…show more content…
Elisabeth Morrow is seen as the perfect daughter or girl at the start of the novel. Elisabeth is the girl that always seems to say or do the right thing. She is viewed as the girl everyone wants, or wants to be. Being viewed this way causes Elisabeth to be very confident and she never seems to have any issues with self esteem. Along with being confident and bright, Elisabeth has the perfect look to her. “She had a porcelain complexion, blond curls, round blue eyes with thick black eyelashes, and a darling of a nose, the master brushstroke that finished off her portrait of a face (14). When meeting Charles Lindbergh, everyone including Elisabeth believes that he would want to be with Elisabeth. When Charles picks her sister, Anne, this takes an emotional toll on Elisabeth. This is when the changes in her personality and life begin to occur. The changes in Elisabeth are not as prominent as the changes in her sister, but still affect her life in a major way. As soon as Anne marries Charles, Elisabeth’s life beings to change. Elisabeth is no longer the sister in the spotlight, and this took a toll on her self image.When Elisabeth became extremely sick, she felt like she was worth nothing. Being jealous of the life Anne has, she pulled away from Anne and the rest of her family. Later in the story, Anne walks in on Elisabeth kissing a girl. Finally realizing that Elisabeth is struggling with this part of herself,

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