The Avocado's Journey from Mexico to the U.S. Essay

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Avocado is originated in southern Mexico before coming to California in 19th century. In the past Avocado was introduced by Judge RB, Ord of Santa Barbara when he brought a tree from Mexico. Moreover, “Avocados were unfamiliar to most Americans until the mid-1900s, when growers of the subtropical fruit successfully convinced many Americans to try it”. More and more farmers as well as growers in California in 1900s saw the potential of Avocado for commercial activities and since then, many Avocados have been hunted for its varieties.
In English, Avocado is an Alligator Pear because it has a green skin and a pear- like shape. It is the genus of Persea in the Lauraceae family. They are cultivated in tropical areas where the climates are
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California Avocados are grown year-round. A single California Avocado tree can produce up to 200 pounds of fresh fruit each year, approximately 500 pieces, although most average around 60 pounds or 150 pieces of fruit”
Based on the facts about avocado in California, over 95% of the US avocado production is located in the Southern California, especially San Diego. San Diego is called as “the Avocado Capital of the U.S” because it accounts for over 40 percent of Acovados in California. California Avocado is ranked as the fruit and vegetables containing pesticide by Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

California is a multi-culture state having a large of immigrant from other countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Spain, etc. so it cuisine will be affected because of the cultural selection. California has a variety of food selection in many cultural styles such as Chinese restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Italian restaurants,
In the past, avocado was named as the luxury food serving only royalty, highness; but avocados are now being used as the most daily fruit in California due to the exploration of prior generations. According to Wikipedia, “Produce plays an important role in California cuisine. California encompasses many diverse climates and therefore is able to grow many types of produce. Additionally, California's Central Valley contains some of the most fertile soil in the world.
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