The Avoidance Of Eating Cattle

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Have you ever craved a nice juicy piece of steak, but had to settle for the dry asparagus? This is what Hindu people who follow their cultural traditions have to deal with. The food practice that I am discussing is the avoidance of eating cattle in Hinduism. I will specifically focus on moral issues regarding killing and eating cattle in the religion as compared to other moral religious codes. In Western society most cultures don’t see a moral issue when eating beef. I know my family eats beef at least twice a week so I was always surrounded by the meat product. The reason I chose to write about why Hindus don’t eat cattle is because my roommate is Hindu and follows this cultural practice. I respect his ways and don’t judge him for not…show more content…
Despite popular belief cattle are not worshipped in Hinduism, but rather held in high esteem. There are a couple different historic reasons why Hindus don’t eat cow. The first being that during the development of the religion cattle were extremely expensive to slaughter as they produced a lot of other food and work and were more valuable left alive. It was financially impractical for early Hindus to eat cattle. Additionally, cattle were seen as the appropriate gift for Brahmins who were the high priests of Hinduism at the time. It eventually came to be seen that killing some cattle was almost equivalent to insulting a Brahmin in their culture, meaning that there was a strong taboo against Lastly, the development and subsequent spread of Jainism in the region, which expressively forbids harming any type of animal, may have influenced early Hindus not to eat cattle. Many rural Hindu families own a dairy cow which greatly assists them in their way of life. Due to the value of life placed on cattle in Hinduism there is a moral concern regarding killing the animal. One that is not commonly held in Western religions in our lives today. The cow is one of the greatest symbols for selfless giving by providing us milk, curds, ghee butter, urine, and dong and these are all used in Hindu worship also. The fact that products that the cow produces are so important not only to the Hindu way of life, but also to
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