The Awakening By Kate Chopin

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The Awakening by Kate Chopin
The title of Kate Chopin’s novella is significant and full of enriched symbols that reflect Edna’s Awakening. Edna is waking up her understanding of herself as an individual. Not as a mother nor a wife, but who she is as a woman and a sexual being. Throughout the novel, there are a few distinct types of awakenings; from her awakening to herself as an artist, realizing that she can have her own opinion over what kind of music she liked, and the most important, Edna realized her life was unfulfilling. In my essay I will be comparing the stages Edna went through and the symbolic elements and images that tie Edna’s world and blooming awakening to make it more meaningful to the reader. The main symbolic factors in the story are represented by birds, houses, and the ocean. Each has its own symbolic meaning in the context of the story. I will emerge the different types of awakenings Edna experienced and the importance of each symbolic representation and connect it all together to make a solid conclusion about the overall meaning of the awakening.
Kate Chopin was born in 1850 and was the only child out of five that lived past twenty-five. Her Father died when she was six, this was the reason why Kate grew up surrounded by smart, independent, single women. She was looked over by her great- grandmother her grandmother and mother, all widows. Her great-grandmother, Victoria Charleville was in charge of her education, teaching her French and music. In

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