The Awakening Narrative

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The Awakening He stopped in the middle of the woods, panting. As he looked up, the sky was getting brighter by the minute. He continued to run, but as he did he changed. His eyes were a piercing red like the blood he hungered for. His agility grew and soon all you could see was a blur. His usual thick-set build became unbelievably ripped, but as improvements came the part of that everyone knew and loved faded. The need for self-preservation kicked in. The loving, caring part became a detached, lonely, and hungry soul just in one long howl. “Where is he?” she said enraged. Ana was nothing, but a drama queen when she was very close to getting something. “He said he be here by now,” she whined. “Um… you did tell him it was tomorrow instead of…show more content…
“Gosh, you two are wasting time arguing instead of trying to find Hawk.” “Well than if you don’t mind Ana if we moved on,” Matt said saucily. “My pleasure,” she replied just as slyly. “Ok you two let’s think; did Hawk tell anyone where he was going to be tonight?” “No, in fact he never mentioned tonight when I talked to him today,” Matt stated seriously. “Maybe it was a home day for him,” Ana said nervously. All the girls fell for Hawk and Ana was no exception. “Wouldn’t he have mentioned it,” Izzy implored. “Well we have checked everywhere,” Ana said. “We didn’t check the plumbing systems,” Matt said sarcastically. “Let’s go check your room again,” a determined Izzy stated. He sniffed the ground looking for a shelter and possibly food. He stopped hearing footsteps nearby. He followed the footsteps as they began to quicken. They finally stopped as the person realized they were cornered. He slowly approached Liam panting hard with every step. Liam attempted to look tough, but failed miserably. Liam spoke, “Please don’t… please….” He begged repeatedly, and was tuned out by a low growl. A flicker of sympathy crossed Hawk’s face, but was replaced by a menacing…show more content…
The detached, lonely soul became a small part of his soul that could never be removed, but he could tame. Unfortunately, he had not mastered that yet. When the transformation was complete he ran. Ran to his refuge, his safe place, one of the few places he could call home. Ana awoke. She groggily turned herself to check the time. Geez 9:00 already she thought sleepily. Thank God it’s the weekend. She snuggled into her sheets and fell asleep. Matt woke and he yawned sleepily. He suddenly became aware of a noise in the room which sounded like light snoring. He sat up in the bed. There he saw Hawk covered in sheets, sleeping with one arm off the bed, one arm on, and smiling. That’s my boy Matt thought. He laid back and in a few moments time was soundly asleep. “Ana… Ana wake up. Wake up!” Izzy shouted; shaking Ana roughly. “What … what time is it?” Ana moaned. She was annoyed she had been woken up in the middle of a good dream. “It’s eleven o’ clock; we must have been exhausted last night.” Ana jumped out of bed and ran to take a quick a
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