The Awakening Of The Dark Corridor

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Shattering across the floor, glass shards fly everywhere and the door creaks from no distinct origin, all common occurrences of the tale tell signs of the supernatural, who haunt by creeping behind the lone wanderer of the dark corridor. Most do not investigate the source of these sounds; however, as humans the thirst for discovering the unknown lurks inside. To quench thrillers thirst without actual confrontation, The Awakening takes viewers into a spaceous, eerie boarding school that used to be a private mansion. This ghost movie derives from typical characteristics of the subgenre haunted houses. Unexpected sounds, intense music, and a ghostly monster scare the viewer as this movie plays out, but the twist is finding out the monster is not the ghost. The Awakening’s twist in plot allows the movie to surpass the layout of a haunted house movie by making the movie more interesting, suprising to the viewer. To begin, haunted movie’s subgenre characters usually come in five types known as the skeptic, the ghost or spirit, the defender, the instigator, and the outsider. Mr. Malloy, also known as the defender, asks Florence, a novelist and ghost hunter during the 1920s, into the school because he wants her to find the ghost and ease the other children’s minds. Florence Cathcart, the protagonist and skeptic, assist the boarding school in finding a mysterious spirit lurking the halls after an attending student turns up murdered a day after seeing this ghost. The ghost, who is a

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