The Awakening Persuasive Analysis

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In addition to the Director of Admissions, I would invite Edna Pontellier, protagonist of Kate Chopin’s novel “The Awakening,” Henry David Thoreau for his work “Where I Lived and What I Lived For” in “Walden,” and Sally K. Ride. I would invite these people because I think they’d all have profound, original thoughts to offer in conversation, and I think it’d be especially interesting because they would probably have conflicting ideas. Chopin’s character Edna is used to comment on conformity in our society- particularly a woman’s. Women often have the inability to have a unique identity because of the pressure put on them to act in a socially acceptable way. Edna challenges these expectations and is eventually driven to suicide because she can’t express herself or act the way she desires to. I admire Henry David Thoreau, author of “Walden,” because did something most people have considered before- living in the woods as a recluse and reconnecting with nature. His house on Walden Pond seems like the perfect spot to do so, and if possible I’d choose to have my fantasy dinner party at Thoreau’s house on the pond. Sally Ride is invited not only because of her experience as an astronaut (which is amazingly cool) but because of what she had to go through as a female scientist during the time. I find her really inspiring. One topic I would definitely bring up would be technology in our modern society. Thoreau in particular would probably have some insightful things to say about
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