The Awareness Of Cognitive Enhancers

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Awareness of Cognitive Enhancers The season is finally here, many college students are making their way into the library and cramming information left and right for finals in hopes of not failing. With scholarly grades, comes hours of study sessions and hard work which results in an tremendous amount of stress put on an individual. As a result, many students resort to a different route and illegally acquire cognitive enhancements drugs in hopes of balancing their education and personal life. My first experience with these “Smart Drugs” was during finals week in my senior year of highschool, I was given several adderall pills from a close scholar friend and he briefly explained how these pills would aid me greatly during this stressful time. The first pill I took, I felt a great euphoric feeling within minutes and I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I would take this. Education in today’s society can be perceived as a competition between students as employers are searching to recruit the top students out of college. Therefore, students will do anything at any cause to be categorized as the top of their class. With all this in mind, it becomes apparent that college students find the need to use cognitive enhancing drugs to gain an edge among their education due to the superior benefits gained through the use of it. The use of Cognitive enhancing drugs has been all around college campuses for many years. The only difference from back then
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