The Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease and the Effect it has on Alzheimer Research

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Alzheimer Disease is a disease in which the brain degenerates. Many people throughout the whole entire world are affected by this disease. The brain degenerates, and people begin to have trouble remembering things. The brain degeneration progresses over the duration of the disease until the diagnosed individual cannot function without help. Alzheimer is the most common form of dementia, and about 60 to 80 percent of all Dementia cases are Alzheimer’s disease. In compliance with this statistic, this means that Alzheimer’s is commonly used interchangeably with Dementia. However, there are many types of different Dementias, but Alzheimer’s is the most well recollected type of the disease. (Lu, 2) Lu give a great definition as to what…show more content…
Patricia Callone states in her book, Alzheimer's disease: The Dignity Within: a Handbook for Caregivers, Family, and Friends, “It seems to me that one of the most important tasks confronting a caregiver is to find information about the disease and how it affects the person physically and mentally. When caregivers, family members, and friends have accurate information, they can be the best possible caregivers (Callone, 1).” Action needs to take place in order to increase Alzheimer awareness, because an increase in the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease would benefit the world. This disease is not understood by many people. There are cases in which the families of an Alzheimer patient does not know, to an extent, what exactly happens during the duration of the Alzheimer disease. An increased awareness would help prevent this type of ignorance. Also, awareness would help increase the funding that the general public provides. Alzheimer awareness was very prominent a few years back, and there was a lot of big discoveries made within this period ("Major Milestones in Alzheimer’s and Brain Research”). Alzheimer’s disease has come a very long ways since it was first discovered in 1906 (Barak). Many advances have been made as a result of the previous awareness. We need this type of awareness again; we need the support of the public. There is a vast need for this type of

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