The Awesome Power of Dentistry on Health

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My father suffered from diabetes, and the disease exacted a harsh toll on his body. His weakened immune system caused bacterial infections in his mouth with periodontal bone loss and began to deteriorate the aesthetics of his smile. Fortunately, he had a compassionate and effective periodontist who educated him about how to control his diet. He also placed my father on antibiotics and used scaling and cleaning to restore my father’s happy smile and sense of vibrant health. The intervention of this dental professional transformed my entire family; with our father’s health restored and energy on the rise, the mood and joy of our house improved. This pivotal moment instilled in me a deep sense of fascination with dentistry. Inspired by the idea of becoming a dentist, I enrolled in the pre-dental program at Fatima Jinnah Dental College, the best dental school in Pakistan. Fortunately, I encountered wonderful professors who made me understand that dentistry is equal parts science and art. I recall, for example, how my professor reconstructed a fractured incisor by molding a few pasty materials and setting them in the desired position. Afterward, the patient beamed with a glorious new smile. I always took special note of how an improved image in the mirror had such an amazingly positive impact upon a person’s happiness, confidence and psychological health. My dental education insisted on clinical excellence but also urged me to think about how I could use dentistry to improve

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