The Awesome World of Entrepreneurship Essay

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The history of entrepreneurship has been existing in the United States for decades. During the 1607 during the 19th century, the first Virginia Company sent three ships across the Atlantic and unloaded 109 passengers in Jamestown, Virginia (Gordon 1). They were embarked on a new business enterprise that they hoped would be profitable (Gordon 1). Their business was known as a joint-stock company that allowed people to invest in enterprises without running into the risk of losing everything if there business did not succeed (Gordon 1). Later in life, the Virginia Company failed to become successful by making every mistake they could make which caused them to go broke and most entrepreneurs then fail (Gordon 2). Even though there was failure,…show more content…
There are many local colleges like: Babson College, Brigham Young University, University of Berkeley, California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, Stanford University, and Washington University in St. Louis offer undergraduate and graduate courses for future entrepreneurs (Epstein 1). Then, there's the University of Chicago, and Harvard University who offer graduate courses and the University of Houston and Princeton University who offers undergraduate course. What if there was a path to take in order to become an entrepreneur? First, you have to start with hard work, dedication, late night, continuous research, networking, sales skills, and thinking outside of the box (Mellon 1). It's also very important to choose related jobs that are similar to entrepreneurship like: being an owner, manager, director, president, and chief executive officer ( Those kind of people organize and operate the risk for business ventures like an entrepreneur according to the American Heritage Dictionary. Then, there's also a few skills that you should follow in order to become an entrepreneur. Those skills are being able to multitask, willing to do things, and having the tolerance for risk taking
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