The Azande

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Jasmine Olvera
January 27th, 2015
The Azande
● Witchcraft among
The Azande traditionally served as an effective means of social control. What are the major institutions and beliefs in your own culture that function similarly?
There are several institutions at play in modern day American culture functioning similarly to the witchcraft among the Azande people. For instance, within my culture, the Government dictates who punished when confronted with a crime. While The Azande place the blame on witchcraft. Both use justice in a sense to place blame for an unfortunate happening, whether it be decided by an oracle, or common law.
Whether it be a judge or an oracle, a sentencing verdict is decided in both cultures. The ways
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Within The Azande culture, there is a logic behind their belief in witchcraft and the casualty of misfortune. While reading a section from
Culture Sketches by Holly
Peters Golden, the quote from an Azande man put many aspects of The Azande thought process into perspective. After a man had hanged himself, due to an altercation with his brothers the man stated “… only crazy people commit suicide; if everyone who was angry with their brothers committed
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