The Aztec Culture Of America

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The Aztec culture was one of the biggest tribes to emerge in the Meso-America era. Their empire was known to be one of the strongest, and consisted of brave soldiers ready to fight. The Aztec culture was the dominate force in Mesoamerica they were apart of the pre-columbian civilization. The Aztec are said to be descendants of the Olmecs who are known as the "Mother Culture" of Central America. This culture reign and control many tribes/cities which showed the power they had, their legacy still lives in what is now known today as Mexico. The Aztec Empire was not like the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire ruled every conquered cities from the capital. The cities or tribes they conquered were never ruled by the Aztecs instead lands they conquered had to pay tribute (gold, weapons, precious stones) or be destroyed. Conquered people also had to send soldiers to serve in the army if needed. According to legend the Aztecs settled in a place where an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth. They believed that it was a sign from their god Huitzilopochtli, who guided them to their new settlement. The new settlement would be called Tenochtitlan, they turned a swampy lake into a great city. Tenochtitlan is now known as Mexico city and the eagle with a snake in it mouth was adapted by the Mexican community by putting it on their flag. The Aztecs are also known as the Mexica and their original settlement plays a vital significance in the history of Mexico. Tenochtitlan was
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