The Aztec Empire : Social Control Of The Spanish Empire

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In 1521 Spain claim ownership of the indigenous land, the greatest Aztec city, Tenochtitlan after being was defeated that every year, ending Aztec civilization. Spain renamed their new territory as New Spain. On behalf of the Spanish crown, many ventured to find new grand territories, also seeking gold. Spain spread its control by wanting to convert the indigenous people to Christianity creating cultural genocide assuring a change in religions. Spain instilled a social control over New Spain. To show superiority over other races they created a caste system. The caste system was a hierarchical pyramid of social power based on race, divided into four “types” people. The hierarchy began with the Peninsulares, they considered themselves the better race having been born in Spain. Second on the pyramid were the Creoles, whose parents were born in Spain yet were considered less for being born on the New Spain soil. The Mestizos took third, they had mixed blood of either Spanish, native, or African blood. Mestizos were not pure blooded, which meant they were further away from having Spanish blood. Lastly, the natives, the native people of the land were put under the hierarchy pyramid for being descendants of the only native. This hierarchy was kept trying and keep the Spanish as much of a pure race as possible. With being assigned a position in the hierarchy, it was difficult to have social mobility. The caste system played a role in what everyone's jobs had to be with almost no
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