The Aztecs And The Aztec Empire

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Aztecs were one of the most advanced civilizations from the 1400’s to the 1500’s. They were able to create one of the most magnificent empires known to men by an Indian tribe in America. They had built cities and temples as big as cities in Europe. Aztecs were always ahead of their time. They had made technology advancements such as, advanced architecture, technology advancements, engineering and agriculture. They also introduced weapons, medicine, tools, and calendars. The Aztec people were one of the first people to think that education is important for all people no matter gender, race, or social status. All of these things are what made the Aztecs a magnificent empire. Even though our society does not follow, most of their traditions…show more content…
Tradition: To emphasize on the influence of the Aztecs traditions in to Mexican culture is the gender roles. In the book, Mexico an illustrated History it explains, “Men were expected to be unflinching in the face of danger, and able to withstand pain. Women were expected to be modest and unassertive, their world restricted to the household. Children were cherished, but taught to respect discipline and the authority of elders.” The Mexican culture still follows these traditions. Just like the Aztecs, in the Mexican culture men were raise to be machos. Men are usually the head of the family and were expect to go in to the world and provide for his family. Modern day women are still changing and everyday there is more opportunities for women, but even with the new opportunities, some women still decide to take the traditional route; they get married and decide to take the role of a housewife. Modern day children are still raise with the same values, they are taught to respect their parents and the elderly. Just like the Aztecs, Mexicans take their traditions very seriously. Mexicans also take the admiration of sports from the Aztecs. The Aztec had their own version of football called Tlachi which was later updated to soccer. Aztecs did not have a religion. Their religion was based in pleasing their god and getting rewards in return for this. The Aztec thought that in order for the universe to run smooth with

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