The Aztecs And The Incas Through Spanish Eyes Essay

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During the fifteenth century, two major state-based agrarian civilization, Aztec and Inca empires, played a huge role by making up the population of the Americas. With this being said, a lot of the Americas history lies within the boundaries of the empires. This history includes literary tradition, records about the civilizations culture, and observations of the Spanish who conquered them in the early sixteenth century. Document 12.1 concentrates on giving evidence through the eyes of two Spanish observers, both of whom at least tried to connect with the civilizations and record first hand records. By analyzing document 12.1, “The Aztecs and the Incas through Spanish Eyes,” it allows people today to have a better understanding and at…show more content…
Diego Duran wrote these documents for credibility and record so that decades from the fifteenth century people will have the ability of knowing firsthand accounts of the social hierarchy and culture of the Aztec realm as an empire. In the Excerpt “Laws, Ordinances, and Regulations,” Diego Duran states up to sixteen points about the Aztec culture; being mostly on how higher powers were respected throughout the palace. The author simply states Moctezuma’s laws without any bias opinion to follow. This leaves the reader with their own opinion instead of a bias perception. Diego Duran simply wrote this document to inform the reader about the Aztec’s laws and government structure. Within the document, “Laws, Ordinances, and Regulations” tell the readers a lot about the social and moral values of the Aztecs. Majority of the laws pertain to high powers and order to the Aztecs’ everyday life rules. The excerpt states, law #3, “Only the king and the Prime Minister Tlacaelel may wear sandals within the palace…” This shows the Aztecs’ moral values, which are towards upholding their king to a high power and respecting the fact he is the almighty one. The king must never appear in public except when the occasion is extremely important and unavoidable. Having the king out of the sight of the public tells the reader that the king is very powerful and has a sense of holiness to the Aztec people. Other laws have to deal with punishments for wrongs in the civilization. Most

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