The B 29 Super Fortress Landed At Davidson Army Airfield At Fort Belvoir Virginia

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The B-29 Super Fortress landed at Davidson Army Airfield at Fort Belvoir Virginia located about fifteen miles from Washington D.C.; waiting for the aircraft was President Washington. On board the flight was Admiral Meyer the senior officer on the West Coast, General Watkins his executive officer and senior Army Officer on the West Coast, General Charkin the senior Marine Officer on the West Coast, General Shelton the senior Air Force officer on the West Coast and Colonel John Clayton who was considered the architect of the West Coast recovery effort. With President Washington was Jake Watkins his Chief of Staff and was also the first cousin to General Watkins, and General Wallace the Joint Chief of Staff for all of the services. The…show more content…
After the men shook hands with the President they continued to walk down a red carpet shaking more hands with people they didn’t know. They were escorted into several Humvees that were heavily armed and left for the Pentagon. It was a quiet twelve mile ride for everyone; it was the day that the Union had been reunited if only in name. They entered the underground parking lot which had been secured by the 3rd Infantry Regiment, they weren’t expecting any attack but everyone saw the B-29 coming into Fort Belvoir it was easy to figure out it was quite the event. Anyone or group with bad intentions would be able to figure out it would be a hell of a target to take out. They exited the vehicles and headed towards the Joint Chief of Staff’s conference room, once here Colonel Clayton began to set up to give his presentation, the same one he had given a dozen times for far. The conference room was standing room only, President Washington had ordered that anyone, within reason, was welcomed at the presentation, but there would only be seating for the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and Senate, the Joint Chiefs and what cabinet members there were. If there was any seating left after that it was open to first come first serve or you could stand but there was only so much standing room. It took Colonel Clayton ten
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