The Baby Hum An Innate Fear Of Heights And Depth

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1A.) One of the things I learned that changed the way I think of development is from the video “The Baby Human: To Walk” in regards to the fear of heights and depth. Scientist used to believe humans were born with an innate fear of heights and depth. As we can see from the video this is not true as baby Karen who had just began to crawl and had no experience yet with the dangers of height and depth did not discriminate and crawled to her mother without any fear of falling. A baby who had their own experience with discriminating height and depth such as Reese would not crawl to her mother as she had fear to fall and hurt herself. After seeing this experiment we can see that babies learn through experience to fear depth and heights and are not prewired from birth to have fear. 1B.) Having seen this in the video changed my way of thinking of development as I learned babies learn through their own experience to fear height and depth. I use to believe babies were just scared of these things because their parents would tell them “no don’t do that” or scream in fear as the child is in danger. In reality if the child doesn’t learn on his own to fear height and depth no matter how much the parent says “no” or tries to keep them from falling, the child will continue to do so until it learns the danger it comes with such as falling and getting hurt. It also changed my mind to development as it taught me that when I decide to have children I need to let them explore in order for them

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