The Baby Monitor Crackling As A Voice Soothed My Firstborn Child

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Prologue…. I awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling as a voice soothed my firstborn child. As I moved to change my position, my arm brushed over my wife. I got out of bed and rushed to the baby’s room, all the while thinking I should have never taken those greens. I didn’t believe she’d do it, after all it was only a handful of greens. I thought it was just an empty threat. What was I going to do? How was I going to tell my wife, who didn’t even know about the threat? Will I ever get to see the baby ever again? I didn’t even have a chance to name her yet. By the time I had reached the baby’s room, they were both gone. Chapter one. 19 years later…. “I have to get back!”, I said to myself. If I don’t get back…show more content…
I get through the window and pull myself and my hair inside and shut the window just as Mother rides around the bend. Quickly, I change clothes and hide my muddy ones, wash my face and comb my hair. I finish just as mother rides around the bend. I hear the horse galloping as she rides up to the base of the tower, so I go over, open the window, and hook my hair on the hook above the window, and lower it down for her to climb. She ties her horse to the post and climbs up. “Guess what, Victoria,” She calls while climbing. “What,” I call back. She does this every time, it’s often something different but couldn’t she just tell me? “I’m making your favorite food, spaghetti, for dinner. Surprise!!” She exclaimed. “Yay!” I say, but I don’t mean it. She makes it so much that now I hate it, but I can’t tell her because then she will chew me out for changing. She thinks I need to stay the exact same way my whole life. That’s why we keep moving, cause I keep finding new things. After dinner, Mother and I play a few card games and then she finally leaves. Once she rode around the bend, I start packing a couple changes of clothes as always. As I walk by the mirror, I stop and stare at my reflection. “I wonder what my father looked like,” I said to myself. Sometimes I wonder if she is even my real mom. I am tall, slender, with blonde hair, freckles, eyes that change from green to brown or somewhere in between, and have a regal
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