The Babylonian Of The Assyrian Army

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This research paper is about one aspect of the ancient world that I have analyzed and the topic that I have done this research on is the Assyrian Army. I will give a detailed analysis with precise and concise information with well presented information with credible claims to support my paper and my thesis statement that “.The Assyrian Army was the most organized Army in the Ancient near east; they conquered the Dark Age era with their tactical and physical nature of militant system which makes them the best army of all time”. The Worldview connection is that the Assyrian was into terror and believed that they were immortal which shows how brutal they were. The Assyrians not only viewed themselves as a great army but had a worldview that was set as the foundation of western civilization which was more polytheistic. Assyria is a major Mesopotamian East Semitic kingdom and empire of the Ancient Near East, existed as an independent state for a period of approximately nineteen centuries, from the 25th century BCE to the 6th century BCE, spanning the mid to Early Bronze Age through to the late Iron Age. (Humanities 26) “For a short time the Assyrians became the first people to rule both Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Assyrians came to rule powerful empires at several times. As mentioned in class by (Mesner 08-28-2015) “the Make up a substantial part of the greater Mesopotamian "cradle of civilization," which included Sumer, Akkad and much later Babylonia, Assyria was at the height

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