The Bachelorette Research Paper

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‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 6, Review: Unexpected Elimination, First Kiss and Catfight Make Week Six Interesting The sixth week on ‘The Bachelorette’ turned out to be quite an exciting watch as there was enough of fun, drama and emotion. It started off with JoJo and the eight guys traveling to Argentina. Chris announced that things are being switched up this week and there will be a second two-on-one date along with a regular one-on-one and group date. And so, the one-on-one date began with JoJo picking Wells and he was clearly asked to kiss her. His date card read: ‘If you don’t kiss me on this date you’re going home.’ And thus, Wells gave his first kiss, which made JoJo cheer for him. However, it did not end well as the two realized during
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