The Bachelor's Argument Essay

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Dan Moller defends the argument he calls “the bachelor’s argument,” which is an “argument against marriage.” By pointing out how not everyone that gets married isn’t guaranteed a happy and successful out come, such as a happy and loving marriage. If we were follow through with the bachelor’s argument as if it was set standard set in stone, not giving marriage a chance could possibly lead to the lose of one finding true because they never got a chance to marry the person they thought they’d love and could have lasting relationship. Moller argument isn’t enough to reject marriage as a whole because it just emphasizes of the things that could go wrong in a marriage and how hard it’d be to get out of such a commitment. According to Moller…show more content…
Being in a loveless relationship, the couple is often stuck with the moral dilemma deciding how right or wrong it is to break a promise they originally made to one another’s love and relationship. It is for those reasons it shouldn’t be a big of a deal to dissolve their marital promise to each other. Because their promise to each other was once made on the foundation that they both loved each other mutually and with out that love no longer being present, it’s no longer the same promise they mutually both agreed to. It’s not like they’re literately wanted together ‘til death do them part. Once their love for each other is dead, its time to move on. Marriage is just a stepping-stone into ones relationship to demonstrate their commitment to each other. It’s like the enzyme that takes a relationship into a fruitful future which helps the couple grow live happily together, or may be they learn they have to part ways because things aren’t working out so well anymore. Moller does agree that whichever way things turn out in a divorce both partners need to understand that they got married on the basis of a mutual love. If the love for one of them disappears and the love persist for the other person the person must be conscious that they cant keep their spouse against their will locked in a relationship that isn’t working anymore. Moller doesn’t like the idea of how one person comes out
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