The Back & Neck Care Center 's Hierarchical Structure Essay

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The Back & Neck Care Center’s hierarchical structure is comprised of eight individuals (Appendix B). At the top are Drs. Gregory Tarnow and Carol Baric-Tarnow. Dr. Tarnow is the primary provider of chiropractic diagnosis and treatment. He also executes educational community outreach programs to attract new patients. The business manager, Dr. Carol Baric-Tarnow, oversees patient records and billing, banking, and all of the Human Resources functions. Human Resources Functions include recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, and employee relations. Next in the hierarchical structure, Associate Dr. Gregg Brady, is the secondary provider of chiropractic diagnosis and treatment. He was recently hired to accommodate the increasing number of patients and to attract new clientele. Next, and supervised by Drs. Tarnow and Baric-Tarnow, is three office staff members. Their principle responsibilities include scheduling, processing patient records and bills, performing rehabilitation, and selling products. Finally, Drs. Tarnow and Baric-Tarnow oversee a head and assistant trainer who manage Aligned Training. The key duty of the trainers is to create personalized workout regimes for each patient that complement their chiropractic and rehabilitation care. Additionally, the trainers are responsible for assisting with executing educational community outreach programs, specifically by advocating for Aligned Training (1). As mentioned, distinct from Drs. Tarnow and
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