The Background Of The East Timor Conflict

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This paper aims to lay down the background of the East Timor conflict and explain how the lingering historical sources when added to the recent issues led to an environment where the national capacity and institutions of the country were demolished. While the history of the conflict is vast but here the conflict has been divided into two phases, i.e., 1999-2002 and 2006-2008. Furthermore, the peace-building efforts and security initiatives carried out by multiple Actors shall be critically examined. Peace-building is an umbrella term that constitutes of construction of security in every aspect. So, moving forward it is vital to point out the intersection between Peace-building, humanitarian, development and military approaches. The paper concluded by elaborating both the achievement and challenges faced by local, national and international actors in peace-building mechanisms.
Introduction: History of the Conflict
Timor-Leste is a country in maritime Southeast Asia, which comprises the eastern land of Timor island and to the East of Indonesia. East-Timor has a long lineage of accepting descendants of migrants from the three waves of migration comprising of Australoids, Austronesians and Proto- Malayas from Indo-China. From the 16th century, Dutch and Portugal exploited the natural resources of the island and gradually established administrative control. In 1769, Portugal invaded East-Timor for its sandalwood and coffee. The territorial division between Dutch colonised
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