The Backstage Door Opens And We All Walk Onto The Stage

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The backstage door opens and we all walk onto the stage. Mr. H is up at the front of the stage telling us all to be quiet. As I am walking in, I notice how huge the Belchertown auditorium is. The rows and rows of seats must mean that a lot of students attend this school. The stage is much larger than the one back at Pioneer. Shelby and I walk up together to the front of the stage where the rest of our group sits. Flutes always sit in the front. Shelby and I take our seats in the far left of the stage. Shelby takes out her music and organizes it in playing order. Looking around, I notice all the wind instruments are ready sitting down with their music, ready to play. I look to where Mr. H should be standing, but he is not there. Mr. H is in the back shuffling around with the percussionist, making sure they have everything they need. I can tell Mr. H is stressed, his vein on his temple is popping out. Finally, Mr. H steps up to the front where we can all see him. He nods at the judges, signaling we are ready. I sit up straighter and prop my flute up on my leg. The overhead lights come on. I can feel the warmth of them on my skin, they make me squint. As I get used the lights, I see the judges more clearly. Two men, one woman. A man walks to the microphone on the stage and says, “Pioneer Valley Regional School will be playing Exaltation, Nevermore, and Barnum and Bailey. Group 8,” He nods to Mr. H and walks off the stage. I pull Exaltation out of my music folder and put

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