The Bad Habit Of Drinking Soda

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In the following paper the bad habit of drinking soda will be observed. Proper steps and procedures will be conducted in order to try to get rid of the target behavior. The target behavior was tracked in a log for a time period of seven days (see Appendix A). After tracking the behavior, goals were established and the proper steps were taken in order to try to get rid of the target behavior. We will also be looking at how drinking soda effects each dimension of wellness and how that can impact physical and emotional health. After completing a health assessment, it was discovered that there are many ways a healthier lifestyle can be obtained. An accumulation of poor health choices were made, but one stuck out in particular. The consumption of soda may not seem harmful on the surface, but it is one of the most harmful things that can enter the body. The Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source reports that from 1999 to 2004, American children and youth guzzled more than 200 calories every day from sugary drinks--accounting for nearly 11 percent of their daily calories. Adults have almost the same numbers. One in four receive at least 200 calories from such drinks; and five percent of adults get more than twice that amount (Banks, 2015). Not only is physical wellness affected by the consumption of soda, but each other dimension is impacted as well. Soda contains caffeine which is an addictive drug. The body develops an addiction to the caffeine and when caffeine is not

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