The Bad Image Of Black Athlete

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The bad image of black athlete is one of the most important problems today. African American athletes are not that different from white athletes; however, media betrays a bad image of them for some unknown reasons. Our world is full of the great African-Americans who showed incredible result in professional sport. On one side, a lot of African-American athletes in the limelight right now come from nothing to somewhat. On the other side, there is a negative connotation that all African Americans have is sports because they are not educated, all they have is natural talent, and all they want is to make the money and not do anything to get there. Television today is often concentrated in stereotype – filled African Americans sitcoms, television news is often shown in negative or crime based stories about black athletes, music & music videos - profanity, misogyny, hard, thugged out. The image is terrible and the reason for that is that media in general just looks at the negative too much.

To begin with, African Americans have undergone decades of discrimination and racism, and despite the numerous powerful changes, which have progressively worked to propel equality for African-Americans; the residue from their discrimination still exists in the crevices of our society today. In most cases, media is one of the main sources people become aware of what is going on in the world. That is how we become informed about African American athletes in general. It works in
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