The Bad Leader Of Odysseus

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Question 1) I believe that Odysseus was a bad leader, because multiple times in the story, he puts him and his followers in bad situations. In book IV of The Odyssey, Odysseus’s curiosity takes him and his crew to Polyphemus’ cave where they end up getting trapped. This shows that Odysseus does not have much common sense, as he put him and his crew right in the palm of Polyphemus’ hand without even realizing it. Also, according to Homer in book X, Odysseus gets him and his followers in lots of trouble with Circe. While Odysseus is not so unwillingly being held captive by Circe, she changes his men into pigs. This also proves that he is not a good leader because he was only thinking of himself. Lastly, in book XII, Odysseus keeps a secret from his crew for his own benefit. Odysseus is well aware that his men will all end up dieing before they can make it home, but he chooses to not tell them. This again proves that Odysseus is a bad leader because he is being selfish. That is why Odysseus is a bad leader. Question 2) In The Odyssey, Women are portrayed as the supporting characters throughout the story. It can be said that the Greeks did not see women as the ideal hero, and that they were just helpers or disruptions. In book I of The Odyssey, Athena helps out Odysseus by asking Zeus to help him get home. This proves that women in the story are just there to help out. Also, in Book V, Homer sets the scene on Calypso’s island, and this is a disruption to Odysseus and his crew.

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